22nd to 24th of September

A local, weekend long conference dedicated to helping you live your life to the fullest. We all know that everyone encounters trouble in our lives, but a bigger question is how will we respond as Christians to the world around us. Join us from the 22 to 24 September 2017 as learn to truly embrace our season.

This is a family friendly event complete with contemporary worship, state of the art facilities and biblical teaching from a range of both local and keynote speakers, so come along and learn, worship and grow alongside us.

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What Do You Mean 'Embrace Your Season?'

The concept of seasons in life is something everyone can relate to. The more we can identity our current season, and learn how to respond will ultimately allow us to experience true joy in whatever stage of life we are in. We all like to look to the future, but in spending all our time looking for the next season, we have a tendency to miss all that God has for us here and now.

The idea of the conference is to confront the gaps in people's knowledge and relationship with Jesus. Particularly when Christians have one foot in the world and one in their faith. The average Christian family have both parents working full time and we unconsciously become trapped in the pursuit of wealth and the busyness of our children's sport/music. We want to help you refocus your priorities, and help you confront the choices you make which exacerbate troubles in our lives.

The Pursuit of Joy is a Pursuit That is Only Possible When We Pursue God for Our Purpose.

Keynote Speakers

rev Geoff Broughton

Rev. Dr. Geoff Broughton is a lecturer in Practical Theology at St Mark's National Theological Centre and research scholar for the Public and Contextual Theology Research Centre - both located within Charles Sturt University. Geoff is also Rector of Paddington Anglican Church in Sydney. After more than 20 years of inner Sydney living and twenty five of Anglican ministry in places like Kings Cross, Darlinghurst, Glebe and Paddington, Geoff's research interests include the connections between Jesus Christ and justice (see Restorative Christ: Jesus, justice and discipleship, 2014) and between Christian theology, Aboriginal land and culture. 

We can't wait to hear Geoff and his stories and teaching as he helps us navigate the tension between being both in the world but not of the world.

Pastor Scott Higgins

Pastor Scott Higgins is an ordained Baptised pastor from Newcastle, where he works as a consultant, educator and writer, with a particular focus upon social justice and ethics from a Christian faith-based perspective. Pastor Scott started his church life off as a youth pastor in the church he grew up in, after which he took on a role as the pastor of Edgeworth Baptist Church, where he was heavily involved planting and growing  the church for eleven years. Since then, he has worked at Baptist World Aid Australia for 10 years, and has since transitioned into running an organisation called 'A Just Cause,' which is focused on helping the church tackle domestic justice issues such as asylum seekers, disadvantage, homelessness, and indigenous well-being.

Scott says he is committed to engaging his world, culture, church, relationships, values, lifestyle and beliefs as a follower of Jesus.

See more about 'A Just Cause' at https://ajustcause.com.au