We have a vision at Port Youth that every young person would have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Part of that means giving our young people a place to explore and learn and choose what this God stuff is really about. That's what confirmation is in a nutshell. We lay it all out on the table and invite everyone to work out what role God has in their life. If this sounds like something you or someone you know would be interested in, please sign up below and we'll be in touch. 



What Actually Happens:

The course runs as an intensive course across about 2 months. We start off by worshipping at our 10:30 service at Trinity Chapel, after which we gather as a group and hit some big topics such as suffering and the trinity. There are also a couple of special things that will run outside our usual timeframe, but we'll let you know well in advance once details get finalised.

How Much:

Because we want to make this course as good as it gets, there will be a small fee of $50 to help cover the costs of resources, lunch food, that sort of thing. If this is an issue though, let us know and we will work something out. We don't want to limit who can access this course, so we'll do whatever it takes to get you along.

Confirmation Celebration

The 'big day,' happens in an evening service in St Thomas' Church where we celebrate the journey with a bunch of our friends from our church community.


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