The Anglican Parish of Port Macquarie believes everyone should be free to experience God, which is why we offer a range of services across different sites


8am Service

Our 8am is Port Anglican's most traditional service with full liturgy, sung Eucharist and authentic hymnal worship. Come and see why we have been serving Port Macquarie as a church for more than 180 years.

St Thomas Anglican Church - 50 Hay Street


9:30am Service

Our 9:30 service is a warm, family friendly service, with incredible hospitality and even better people. This service is more catered towards those looking for a simple worship service with a loving community.


St Thomas Hall- 50 Hay Street

11am Service

Running out of our second location in St Columba's Trinity Chapel, our 11am is what many would describe our as most contemporary service, complete with a full band, biblical teaching and good old fashioned hospitality.


Trinity CHapel - Major INnes Road